Britpave, the British Cementitious Paving Association, is an independent body established to develop and forward concrete and cementitious solutions for infrastructure.

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It is active in the development of solutions and best practice for roads, rail, airfields, guided bus, drainage channels, soil stabilisation and recycling. As such, the Association is the focal point for the infrastructure industry.

The broad membership of Britpave encourages the exchange of pan-industry expertise and experience. Members include contractors, consulting engineers and designers, specialist equipment and material suppliers, academics and clients – both in the UK and internationally.

The Association works closely with national and European standards and regulatory bodies, clients and associated industry organisations. It provides a single industry voice that facilitates representation to government, develops best practice and technical guidance and champions concrete solutions that are cost efficient, sustainable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

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  • Pavement Quality Concrete for Airfields

    Picture of Pavement Quality Concrete for Airfields

    This document is for the use of Top Level Budget Holders (TLBHs) for application by the Project Sponsors and their Project Managers, Property Managers (PROM), Establishment Works Consultants (EWC), Works Service Managers (WSM) and other parties involved with airfield pavement works.

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  • Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 1

    Picture of Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 1

    Design and evaluation methods Explains why joints are required in an un-reinforced rigid concrete pavement and incorporates the results of questionnaires sent to a number of airfield operators. The guidance covers current practice and flags up issues of concern, providing information on the design, specification, construction, maintenance and performance of concrete joints.

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  • Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 2

    Picture of Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 2

    Design and evaluation methods The four major methods of designing airfield pavements are compared and assistance is given in the task of deciding which one to use, based on three criteria that covers construction practice; failure condition, evaluation of strength of existing pavements and their limitations. The UK designs from the PSA and BAA are discussed and their background is explained.

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  • Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 3

    Picture of Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 3

    Principles of design and assessment Provides a background to the basic principles of design and evaluation, including input throughout the whole life-cycle of a rigid airfield pavement. It covers structural behaviour, explains how a design thickness is obtained and includes information on modes of deterioration, pavement and sub-grade characteristics and aircraft loadings.

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  • Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 4

    Picture of Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 4

    Surface finish, regularity and texture Covers the principles governing the requirements and current specification for surface finish, regularity and texture of concrete airfield pavements. Problems with surface finish are illustrated and remedial measures discussed. The importance of texture is covered along with a range of methods of achieving it, both in fresh and hardened concrete.

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  • Airfield pavements - Guidance Notes 5

    Picture of Airfield pavements - Guidance Notes 5

    Rigid airfield pavements This guidance note provides advice to designers and constructors on the use of keys to provide load transfer at longitudinal joints in concrete airfield pavements. The guidance note describes the requirement for load transfer at joints, the potential advantages of using a keyed joint, historical practice and performance, design methods and construction practice.

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  • Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 6

    Picture of Airfield Pavements - Guidance Notes 6

    Rigid airfield pavements This guidance note provides the background to the materials used in the design and production of Pavement Quality Concrete. The document is aimed at clients, project managers and engineers involved in the design and construction of concrete airfield pavements and require an understanding of Pavement Quality Concrete. This document is not designed to be a detailed document but will identify key characteristics of airfield pavement concrete.

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