Britpave, the British Cementitious Paving Association, is an independent body established to develop and forward concrete and cementitious solutions for infrastructure.

Please note, Britpave Trade Association has no commercial interest in or trading association with Britpave concrete step barrier. For contact details see:

It is active in the development of solutions and best practice for roads, rail, airfields, guided bus, drainage channels, soil stabilisation and recycling. As such, the Association is the focal point for the infrastructure industry.

The broad membership of Britpave encourages the exchange of pan-industry expertise and experience. Members include contractors, consulting engineers and designers, specialist equipment and material suppliers, academics and clients – both in the UK and internationally.

The Association works closely with national and European standards and regulatory bodies, clients and associated industry organisations. It provides a single industry voice that facilitates representation to government, develops best practice and technical guidance and champions concrete solutions that are cost efficient, sustainable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

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  • Concreting pavements in winter

    Picture of Concreting pavements in winter

    Covers the practicalities of concreting road pavements in ambient temperatures around and below the freezing point of water. It gives information on planning, concrete temperatures at mixing and placing, pre-concreting preparations, protection after laying and admixtures.

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  • Truck Lanes - The Permanent Solution

    Picture of Truck Lanes - The Permanent Solution

    The publication provides information on the truck lane solution and its benefits to the environment, reduced maintenance, buildability and application.

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  • Immediate trafficking of cement bound materials

    Picture of Immediate trafficking of cement bound materials

    Reviews the results of a joint Highways Agency/Britpave project to examine the immediate trafficking of a range of cement bound materials. The report identifies those mixtures that can be trafficked early and those that require a curing period.

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  • Concrete Hardstanding - Design Handbook (3rd Edition)

    Picture of Concrete Hardstanding - Design Handbook (3rd Edition)

    New edition 2023. Prepared for all those concerned with hardstandings trafficked by heavy goods vehicles and forklift trucks, it explains the simple steps that can be taken to ensure their long-term performance. Covers design, site appraisal, sub-grade, sub-base, concrete mix and construction, thickness design, joints, surface characteristics and integrated design.

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  • Hydraulically Bound Mixtures for Pavements in Winter

    Picture of Hydraulically Bound Mixtures for Pavements in Winter

    Addresses the practicalities of mix-in plant production and laying hydraulically bound mixtures (HBM) in ambient temperatures around and below the freezing point of water. Provides guidance and recommendations for the successful laying of HBM in low winter temperatures.

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  • Smart Motorway Construction with Concrete

    Picture of Smart Motorway Construction with Concrete

    The benefits of concrete motorway pavements have been known for some time and many stretches of concrete motorway have been maintenance free for decades, frequently exceeding their design lives. These technical guidelines explain the benefits of using concrete as part of an integrated design approach, with particular emphasis on the pavement layers, where new design guidance creates the opportunity for maximising whole-life value and minimising ongoing maintenance requirements.

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  • A Guide to Concrete Road Pavements

    Picture of A Guide to Concrete Road Pavements

    The guide examines a number of concrete pavement options that, although tested and proven overseas, have yet to gain widespread adoption in the UK despite their whole life cost, noise reduction, long-term performance and minimum maintenance benefits. The options discussed include Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements (CRCP), Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surface (EACS) Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), Groove and Grind and Whitetopping. The guide also forwards a number of applications where concrete roads could provide roads that in the future earn their keep.

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  • Motorway barriers: the concrete benefits

    Picture of Motorway barriers: the concrete benefits

    This guide outlines the benefits of concrete motorway barriers. These benefits include superior vehicle containment to reduce the risk of crossover accidents, a performance life of at least 50 years with minimum maintenance, minimal land take, the use of recycled aggregates and full end-of-life recyclability plus a wide range of available barrier types. With such a range of benefits, it is little wonder the concrete central barriers are the default option for motorways and trunk roads where the average annual daily traffic level is 25,000 vehicles per day or more.

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  • An Introduction to Horizontal Slipform Paving

    Picture of An Introduction to Horizontal Slipform Paving

    Britpave, has published a new guide that provides an explanatory overview of horizontal slipform paving for infrastructure projects such as roads, rail tracks, busways, barriers and drainage. Horizontal slipforming is the on-site process of constructing continuous concrete elements. It involves concrete being poured into continuously moving plant. This is then vibrated and extruded from the specially designed attached formwork mould to produce the required profile. In particular, the new guide highlights how horizontal slipform paving offers a fast way to deliver a wide range of concrete construction and performance benefits including increased productivity, minimum maintenance and long-term performance. ‘An introduction to horizontal slipform paving: guidelines for best practice’ is available as a free download from:

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  • Non-Destructive Density Testing of Concrete Pavements

    Picture of Non-Destructive Density Testing of Concrete Pavements

    The guide explains how the use of nuclear density gauges avoids the need to take cored samples from a newly laid concrete pavement for non-intrusive testing of concrete strength and in-situ density. The latest edition of the Specification for Highway Works has adopted strength compliance requirements based on cubes and specifies that, with the exception of the trial length, the density of a concrete pavement should be determined by non-destructive methods. It is for the contractor to propose a suitable non-destructive testing method for approval. The guide outlines the non-destructive testing approach for density and for the nuclear density gauge calibration the pavement concrete mix. It also provides a methodology for nuclear density gauge testing and a series of worked examples.

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  • Making the case for concrete roads

    Picture of Making the case for concrete roads

    This brochure outlines and underlines the wide range of environmental and economic reasons why the road ahead should be concrete.

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  • Britpave Guide to Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements - 2nd Edition 2022

    Picture of Britpave Guide to Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements - 2nd Edition 2022

    Roller Compacted Concrete. This guide describes the benefits, properties and application of RCC, provides recommendations on mix design and materials selection, and discusses applicable design methods, construction methodology and techniques. The guide was reviewed and updated in 2022

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  • IBAA case study

    Picture of IBAA case study

    Britpave member Blue Phoenix and Aecom has undertaken site trials that underline not only the environmental benefits of Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA) but also how the use 0/16mm IBAA can fully meet performance benefits of specifications CD225 and the MCHW Series 800.

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