Britpave, the British Cementitious Paving Association, is an independent body established to develop and forward concrete and cementitious solutions for infrastructure.

Please note, Britpave Trade Association has no commercial interest in or trading association with Britpave concrete step barrier. For contact details see:

It is active in the development of solutions and best practice for roads, rail, airfields, guided bus, drainage channels, soil stabilisation and recycling. As such, the Association is the focal point for the infrastructure industry.

The broad membership of Britpave encourages the exchange of pan-industry expertise and experience. Members include contractors, consulting engineers and designers, specialist equipment and material suppliers, academics and clients – both in the UK and internationally.

The Association works closely with national and European standards and regulatory bodies, clients and associated industry organisations. It provides a single industry voice that facilitates representation to government, develops best practice and technical guidance and champions concrete solutions that are cost efficient, sustainable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

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  • Slab Track - The Commercial Case

    Picture of Slab Track - The Commercial Case

    A review of papers worldwide found that it is generally accepted that slab track offers a cost-effective alternative to ballasted track if the two systems are compared in terms of life-cycle costs. The study went on to provide a methodology for estimating the commercial case and the wider economic, social and environmental benefits of adopting slab track technology.

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  • Guided Busway - Construction Handbook

    Picture of Guided Busway - Construction Handbook

    Developed as a sequel to the Guided busway  design handbook, this sets out best practice for highway and busway schemes constructed in slip-formed, in-situ concrete. It gives advice on design aspects influenced by the construction techniques, concrete production and supply, surface textures and smoothness and interfaces with the construction process.

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  • Slab Track - Safety

    Picture of Slab Track - Safety

    This report identifies that, although it is generally accepted in the rail industry that slab track provides benefits in terms of safety when compared with traditional ballasted track, there was surprisingly little published information. Some important research papers are reviewed and the way forward in promoting the safety case for slab track is proposed.

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  • Concrete Slab Track: on track for the future

    Picture of Concrete Slab Track: on track for the future

    Describes concrete slab track, its benefits, systems, suitable applications and 5 reasons to choose slab track.

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  • Slab Track - Guidance on relevant standards

    Picture of Slab Track - Guidance on relevant standards

    The report found that existing European and infrastructure owner standards provided sufficient general guidance on concrete slab track but that these had been prepared within the context of ballasted track and did not address the characteristics of slab track. Aspects specific to slab track, such as design, transition zones, testing and commissioning and decommissioning, are not covered in available standards.

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  • Slab Track - Life Cycle assessment study

    Picture of Slab Track - Life Cycle assessment study

    Describes an evaluation of the life-cycle energy use impacts of ballasted track bed and two generic concrete slab track beds: cast-in sleeper and embedded track systems. The analysis took into consideration the manufacturing, construction, maintenance, dismantling and recycling of track bed components. It showed that concrete slab track beds are not associated with higher life-cycle energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission when compared with ballasted track bed.

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  • Concrete Slab Track

    Picture of Concrete Slab Track

    A free publication outlining the Whole Life (and other) Benefits of Concrete Slab Track

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  • General Guidance for low noise and low vibration slab track

    Picture of General Guidance for low noise and low vibration slab track

    Provides general design guidance on solutions for low noise and low vibration slab track

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  • The benefits of bus travel

    Picture of The benefits of bus travel

    Accounting for two out of three public transport journeys, the humble bus plays an important, and can play an even greater, role in improving local commuting, reducing congestion and carbon emissions and creating more liveable cities.

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  • Guided Busway Design Handbook

    Picture of Guided Busway Design Handbook

    This 2017 version of the Guided Busway Design Handbook updates two important chapters. Chapter 3: Geometrical Design of Guideway and Chapter 9: Construction.

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